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About Me

I always felt a draw towards photography - it started in my teens, then during my twenties I got distracted by completing university, working and more studying. 

Then a friend of mine decided to marry and I made probably my first real photography gig! She liked the photos and videos so much that said "why don't you work as photographer?"


In this very moment I decided that I want to be a photographer. It took me some more years, to complete courses, to fall in love and start a family and raise two beautiful children, until I gathered enought knowledge and bravery to start on my own.

Now I am challanged every day and I love every second! I haven't stopped studying and experimenting new techniques and ideas, subscribing for more courses and workshops. I believe that there is so much more out there to learn and try.


 I love meeting people  and working with them to bring to life their dreams. I love that I can be part of families celebrations and memorize on photos the most precious moments of them! I absolutely adore photographing children and watch them grow through my lens - from cute and chubby babies to schoolers and teens.

I hope some of my works will appeal to you enough to give me a call ot fulfill your next brave photoshoot idea! Can't wait to meet you!

Ziba Chakryan portrait
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